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Do you need help translating a website, application, blog post or technical document? We have extensive experience in translating a number of European and Asian languages to and from English. Our teams based in Europe (Germany, Russia) and the United States (Milwaukee) can meet with you in person or online to understand the scope of your project.

Through our ongoing FerryScan project and other consulting engagements, we are experts in translating English into a wide-number of languages. Furthermore, we can provide consulting guidance how to internationalize your applications for these languages. It is usually not enough to translate text word-for-word. Cultural as well as technical considerations have to be taken into account. Numbers, currencies and dates change as the language and regions change, and it is important to update your products accordingly.

Most latin-based scripts play well with existing technology platforms, however when introducing new scripts like arabic and cryllic, these can take down unprepared platforms. Port Zero can advise on these issues and more.

Available Languages

Finnish Flag
Finnish Language Translation

Finnish is our biggest expertise. We can also help with preparing applications to support the peculiarities of the Finnish language.

Finnish Translation
Chinese Flag
Chinese Language Translation

We have skilled translators for tranlating into and from traditional and simplified Chinese. When translating into Asian languages, it is important to also consider changes to the user experience (UX) to support the different character set. We can help with this.

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Polish Language Translation

There are almost 40 million native Polish speakers, mainly in Poland. Translating from English to Polish is extremely important to conduct business with Poles because compared to other European countries, English is not as widely spoken in a professional context.

Latvian Flag
Latvian Language Translation

Outside of Latvia there are few speakers of Latvian, however translation into Latvian is critical for organizations entering the Latvian market.

Latvian Flag
Russian Language Translation

Russian is the largest native language in Europe and translating from English to Russian is an absolute requirement for English speakers doing business with Russia and other slavic states. We can also help to ensure that your technology stack supports the cyrillic script.

Swedish Flag
Swedish Language Translation

Sweden has the largest population of any Nordic country, with nearly 10 million people and nearly that many native speakers of Swedish. While most Swedes are highly fluent in English, translating into Swedish from English is always welcomed by native speakers.

Pakistani Flag
Urdu Language Translation

Urdu is the national language of Pakistan and is spoken by a few hundred million people worldwide. Combined with Hindi (a close relative), it becomes the 3rd-largest spoken language worldwide. The main difference with Urdu and Hindi are regional vocabulary and slang, and that Urdu is written in the Persian alphabet (right-to-left arabic) whereas Hindi is written the Devanagari script (left-to-right).

Bangladeshi Flag
Bengali Language Translation

With over 250 million native speakers, Bengali is one of the largest languages in the world.

Indian Flag
Hindi Language Translation

Hindi is a major language in Northern India and when combined with Urdu, it forms one of the largest spoken languages in the world. We can help translate from Hindi to English or English to Hindi, and also provide technical guidance for supporting the Devanagari script in your application.

Indonesian Flag
Indonesian Language Translation

Indonesian is spoken by over 200 million people worldwide, making it one of the largest spoken languages in the world.

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