Our mission is to apply technology to increase connectivity, lower costs, and reduce emissions by efficiently utilizing capacity.

Welcome to Port Zero Ventures

Conceived in a Europe in early 2018, Port Zero Ventures was created with one overarching goal, to create the next generation of transportation efficiency solutions and empower individuals and businesses to have a truly global reach that hasn't been possible before. We've built our company to be resilient to the demands of global trade, our team has worked worldwide and experienced the rich cultural and economic diversity our world has. Our expertise along with our network of knowledgable experts across many industries and in countless countries place us in a great position to help you find creative and innovative solutions to your challenges.

Port Zero Ventures aims to redesign transportation experiences and discover a future where navigating global supply chains and sending goods is as easy as sending an email. We look forward to working with you and we hope that together we can build a more connected future.

Our founding team met in the midwestern region of the United States, but spends time across the globe learning about the intricacies of transportation and developing partnerships with the people and businesses that make global commerce work. Wherever you happen to be based, Port Zero Ventures can help.

Our Projects

Port Zero Ventures is dedicated to making every mode and market of transportation easier. We are actively developing multiple transportation solutions, the most exciting of which are shown below.


The missing search engine for finding and booking cruise ferries in the Baltic Sea region. FerryScan is pioneering the next generation in Travel Technology, providing a custom-tailored and region-specific solution to exploring ferry travel in the Baltic Sea.

Search for trips with multiple ferry operators in a unified interface

Compare pricing and amenities on high-demand routes

Search and book cargo freight

Reaching the largest audience by supporting 10+ global languages

Our Services

Port Zero Ventures brings deep experience in not only the technology that makes transportation work better, but also in commerce, fulfillment, media and advertising. We've learned a lot through the development of our technology solutions, and are able to share our expertise with existing transportation operators, travel agencies and governments.

Custom Vendor Integration

Integrate 3rd party vendors into your core platform or among each other. We have extensive experience tying business-critital services into the networked enterprise stack.

Realtime Data Decison Solutions

Stop pooling data and start making real-time business decisions from it. Connect your data sources into a streaming architecture and leverage Big Data computing solutions to transform your organization into a data-driven one.

Translation and Internationalization

We can currently translate from English into 10+ languages. Port Zero can advise and assist in architecture discussions, domain strategy, application development, and localization best practices.

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Data Procurement and Management

Providing guidance on building scalable architectures for extracting, transforming, and loading structured and unstructured data at scale.

Scheduling and Booking Application Development

Build custom scheduling and booking applications to suite the unique needs of your business. Port Zero brings a wealth of experience in building cloud-hosted applications requiring high security, complex vendor integrations, and an excellent user experience.

API Development

Expose your core business services and data as a collection of APIs, allowing more cross-functional collaboration within your organization. We build RESTful APIs scaling to thousands of requests per second.